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yea i didn't feel like updatin yesterday so here it is ...

yesterday- well it was a pretty fun day woke up early got ready went to school around 8 went down to the band room warmed up went in the gym sat down waited for the thing to start yea we played good i guess then the rest was boring after the assembly was done we had to wait for everybody to leave the gym n then we had to put the chairs and stands up it was funny we were takin 1 thing at ta time so it would take longer lol butthen when that was done we went n stole some signs froom njhs lol anzlee got like 10 n then we went n the auditorum cuz anzlee's mom was in there for the reception severing cake so we stayed in there n then walked around the school till 2nd period was over then went to me locker n thend durin 3rd all we did was this word search but i talked to arron the whole time n then we had to go to another assembly omg it was so boring i dont' care about that stuff but w/e then went to project adventure we were suppose to start belaying but me n jordan were wearin a skirt so we didn't have to lol we just sat there n talked the whole time n then at lunch um yea it was boring cuz lorena wasn't there n then 6th we finished watchin that same old boring movie n then we were gonna do work but instead we watched the day after tomorrow n then 7th we watched the day after tomorrow but i talked the whole time to shannon n lorena n then they went outside to practice for flags so i talked to kelvann arron after school ahh no comment came home talked on aim n then at 7:30 went to church for maunday thursday ((i had to go for confirmation)) came home talked on aim hmm yea then went to bed n talked on the phone hmm interesting

today- woke up went to school they didn't post who made flag try outs so homeroom boring 1t boring 2nd boring allmost fell asleep 3rd boring band boring lunch haha we talked about different places we think it would b cool to make out at lol 6th boring took notes 7th boring we watched some lame movie bout weather n then we found out who made flag team omg only 5 8th graders made it jada shelby nikki n them ppl i felt bad for jordan shannon n lorena cuz i really wanted them to make it but yea then after school i gave kelvan my phone n walked down to the church w/ lorena n i get down there she is leavin n kelvan gave my phone to kyle n i was tryin to get it back n he gave it to patrick n ahh he would not give it back to me made me mad but o well i finally got it back n then sister picked me up went to starbucks now im sititn here at the office talkin to jordan i dk what im doin tonite so ill update later bout tonite bye babes

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