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yea i didn't feel like updatin yesterday so here it is for yesterday

woke up got to school early for once homeroom n reading we had that sub mr. brown i don't really like him but o well math boring we had a sub 3rd boring read band omg i have never had so much fun in band like when we got in there we listened to the recording of festival u could so totally hear the 7th grader clarinet girl squeakin ahh it sounded horrible but then he read to us what the judges wrote n then we went outside n me jordan charlie anzlee n jamie decided we wanted to play football w/ all the guys from our band n from chorus it was fun we just kinda ran around cuz no body would throw us the stupid ball but then curtis was runnin n like tossed me the ball n i ran!!!... until somebody taged me but i keep runnin n-e ways lol um lunch i forget what happened we got this new gay lunch thing we have to do ahh i friggin hate edwards its got to be the ghettoest school ever but um 6th boring the sub just talked 7th took test i failed n then me arron lorena kelvan n kyle went in the hall n graded papers after school like everybody out of my group was late leavin but then me n my sister went up to the mall n walked around then came home i got ready n kristen droped me off at the movies

get there n brandy xtina crystal jen n kyle r already there so then we see jerry n his lil black girl friend was like h"that lil ugly hoe keeps lookin at us" or something like that then i saw amanda from my church she was w/ all her lil friends then we went n got out tickets n me brandy n crystal went n watched man of the house it was funny and jen xtina n kyle went n saw cursed so half way through the movie xtina calls me n told me to meet her in the lobby so i did she told me that jen n kyle were holdin hands n stuff so we went in the n like laughed at them n then i went up to them n was like "r yall okay here or do i need to stay n surpervise" haha so funny so then we went n got brnady n crystal n we were in the lobby n bandy was checkin her voicemail and just starts cryin in the middle of the lobby the rest of us r like freakin out cuz we didn't kno what happened so she went n called him back n cussed him out this one guy thought we were crazy n then these lil wigger ppl keep starin at us, followin us, and tryin to talk to us ahh brandy told them off um lets see what happened then oh when jen n kyles movie let out or was suppose to let out they were like 5 mins late so me n xtina were like were r they they r five mins late u can do alot in 5 mins u kno lol n then crystal n brandy left n then when they came out xtina's dad was already there so they left then i left so kyle was left there all by himself yea me n my sister went to mcdonalds for dinner then came home n talked to kyle and then like everybody was in this chat room it was funny lol um then around 12 i went to bed

well i gtg i have softball pictures and then a game at 1 im pretty sure shannon is gonna come w/ e.j. as friends if u wanna come to my game its at earl o'neail out in covington at 1 o clock feild 3 we play amanda's team so yea lol
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