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yesterday- um school boring don't really remember n-e thing but yea um after school went to the office came home changed went to softball had a practice game we won go us the lil 7th grade slut got hit in the boob ((haha so funny that comes in later on tonite)) came home talked on aim went to bed

today- ha today was much more fun um woke up around 8 got ready went to kohls got some shorts for softball went to some other stores to kill time went to the softball feilds for opening cerimonies got there and as we r walkin onto the feild kelsey told me that they chose me to throw the opening pitch of the season for my age group i was like nooooo so while robbie was talkin i was hidding behind my team mates like i wasn't there but then they called me up to the pitchers mound and i pitched yea i got to keep the ball to so after that went to subway for lunch went back to the feilds it started rainin when we got there i batted some then it started pourin down rain so like half my team went in the bathroom and stood then we went in warmed up for our game n then there were puddles of mud on the feild and everybody pretended to jump in it but nobody acutally did so I jumped in the puddle of my at 3rd base n then we all walked over to 1st and i jumped in that puddle n the other team was like "stupid" o well and then we made mud hand prints on our butts haha so funny the game wow it sucked we lost cuz of the damn umpire he couldn't call the pitch or play freakin idiot but yea i was soooooooo mad but yea after the game went to town did some stuff came home got shower got ready went to the movies

got to the movies and crystal was there and xtina is no where to b found so we were standin outside and the random guy comes up to me n was like hey whats ur name n i was like libby n he was like hey libby im jerry can i call u L i was like sure so the girl just comes runnin up sayin something like "jerry what the hell r u doin" n he was like "im prioritzing" she started hittin him so we just kinda left and i was were walkin off he was like no don't leave L so funny then we went n saw "are we there yet" haha yea we made random loud comments durin the movie lol then we went outside after and guess who we see xtina the *genius* and her lil gang of garret lea ross and chelsea so we hang out w/ them we made some new friends named india and we made up new names mine is angie and then ross n xtina were kinda close *cough cough* n so we told our new friends that they were cousins and they were from alabama so it was all good but i think that kinda scared them off n then we were outside and i saw the girl from the team we played friday nite that got hit in the boob n so i told them about it and chelsea went over n asked her if her boob was okay we were bustin up laughin but then we just kinda hung out saw *it* again o gosh then garret n lea left n then chelsea n xtina left so it was me crystal and ross we started talkin random pictures ross was like runnin around dancin so funny then he decided to go in the bathroom n take a picture of his balls but he didn't thank god so then we watched him play games cuz we had nutin better to do then he left n so me n crystal were there w/ our BMS ppl we were totally hangin out on the wrong side so we switched to the WMS side go WMS woooohhhh we had to make up a new language but um yea my dad picked me up came home and now im playin this joke on crystal were i got stolen and nobody can find me its quite funny to me cuz she keeps callin my cell phone but yea my tooth just came out so gtg bye babes

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