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okay so last nite went to pick karen up went to the feilds warmed up went to the feilds yea the game was like well we won 16 to 8 i didn't do good but u kno w/e so after the game we had another water fight i wasn't n that one but then the team went to D.Q. for ice cream like we do after all our games so we got there n we were all really hyper we played fingers ... lol haha n yea it was just funny karen asked amber how to b a black girl soo funny but then we took karen home n then came home took shower went to bed today woke up did my hair got ready went to school omg it was rainin so freakin hard but yea 1st boring 2nd boring 3rd boring project adventure funb i guess ppl climbed the rock wall i didn't lunch well yea 6th boring 7th got checked out went get some sonic then went n got my hair cut i think it looks really cute its like a lil shorter then it was and in the front its angles so cute if u ask me yea came home n now im here my teeth hurt n im hungry so im out peace




 me batting





 amanda, amber brooke n kursti







 alexis n kursti


billie, amanda, amber karen booke taylor kursti n brittney


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