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ahh such a fun weekend here it goes

friday- woke up got all the stuff packed went over to chelsea's cuz xtina was over there i learned how to skateboard yesss!! but n-e ways around like 2:30 i guess we left n went down to the track got there n like we could not find were scott ((the guy we camp w/)) was so we drove around for like 30 mins tryin to find him but then we found him n we set up the tent n everything it wasn't as hard as i thought it would b n then me n my sister went to the wal-mart in griffin to get some stuff n then came back n we just like hung out around the camp site n listened to the trucks racin cuz we didn't go in for that race n then around like almost 11 i think i dk christy n jake called ((they came down later that nite to camp w/ us)) n of course they came when all the ppl from the truck race were leavin so they couldn't get in the way we told them to so me n my sister had to walk all the way from where we were campin which was like on the 1st turn all the way over to the waffle house which was along ways away so it took us forever to find them but when we did we drove back to were we were campin and it was so freakin cold so we went to bed where it was nice n warm

saturday- woke up at like 11 tracfic was already backed up cuz ppl were tryin to get in for the bush race so we wanted waffle house for breakfast so we went to the one by the track but it was packed so we drove to griffin that one was full to so we went to wal-mart n then went back to the track cooked lunch n then we went n walked around all the drivers trailers like where they sell stuff and we bought our tickets it was fun i got a new shirt its a jr. shirt since martin is retiring this year but w/e n then we went back to the camp area n we got our shower stuff n went n took a shower omg i felt sooo much better after takin a shower but yea went back did my hair we ate dinner n donna scott floyd n this other guy i forgot his name came over to our lil area n we all just sat on the tailgate talkin n watchin the ppl sit in traffic tryin to leave omg it was so funny just listening to them talk wow so funny but yea then we went over to the camping area across the streat to see micheal ((this lady that works at my dads office)) omg it was so cool over there they had like the coolest set up ever like she had the cuttest lil dog but yea they were all drunk over there n they were makin fun of my nickname i was like omg but then they had a bean bag competition like the kind were u through the lil think and u try n make it in the hole it was funny but yea since christy n jake were still back at the tent we went back n christy wasn't even feelin good so she went to sleep early n then we went over to scotts camper n sat around the camp fire n roasted marshmellows n then we went back n went to bed

sunday- woke up around like 8 something for some reason yea ate breakfast n watched all the ppl sit in traffic n then around like 11 we started walkin in OMG there were so many ppl like wow so yea we went n got in our seats waited for like ever b4 it started they did the occ thing n then the national athem was sung by john michael montgomery he did good but he didn't kno the words he had to read it off of cue cards i was like omg but n-e ways then they did the fly over thing omg it was so effin loud but n-e ways then they started the race n on the 1st lap somebody got lose n hit another car which led into this huge wreck which happened like almost rite where we were sittin ahh it was so cool gordan was in it yesss i was so happy so was jr. which sucked n then 2 other cars were completely out of the race but n-e ways so yea other then that there were no more wrecks some of the cars blew engines had tired riped up n then omg it was the best ending ever to a race like johnson was in 1st n edwards in 2nd and n the last turn they got side by side n carl passed johnson b won by half a car length i was so happy that johnson didn't win but yea after the race my sister wanted to go to the gordan trailer to get something so me jake n christy walked back to the tent n we stoped by the bathroom cuz christy really had to go n this group of guys were standin n the back of their truck w/ their county music turned up real loud n dancin omg this one guy was so hott n then they were doin the beer funnel haha funny stuff n then when we were walkin back this guy n the back of a truck was like "dude u have a hot ass girl hangin on ur arm" talkin to jake about christy n jake was like "yea i kno thats y she's there" it was so funny but  then we went back to the camp area n we just sat around jake was really hyper it was funny n then we started packin everything up n then we just sat around watchin ppl sit in traffic cuz we were campin rite next to the road n then finally at about 8:40 we left n stupid police ppl wouldn't let us go our normal way so we had to go this total different way n we finally got home around 10:20 n we still had to unload everything n then i had to get a shower n do my hair so i went to back at like 12 i was so tired

today- woke up did my hair went to school ahh pretty boring day homeroom talked to paul about the race 1st boring 2nd boring took practice test 3rd boring 4th we changed classes so im in project adventure now we have 25 ppl in our class  17 r guys but its all the cool guys so yea w/e band mr. g, mr. howl n some of the heritage band ppl came n talked to us bout marchin band next year ahh i can't wait lunch made my plan lol 6th boring we watched some lame movie 7th boring we had a sub we took this hard quiz w/e screw it after school i went down to the church w/ jennie cuz everybody that i normally hang out w/ after school is tryin out for flag/dance so they went to try outs which start today n end thursday but yea then my sister picked me up came home n now im sittin here talkin to thomas haha funny stuff but yea thats all i got h/w bye babes



christy n my sister


 our lil camp area

my jr. shirt

mark martin baby

infeild n grandstands

ppl on top of their campers watchin the race

nextel vison

pace lap

wreck on the 1st lap

tryin to clean up the wreck

ppl leavin the race

ppl tryin to leave the track

the nascar truck




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