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hey yall so yea the only reason im up rite now is cuz my stupid sister woke me up but w/e so i won't b here this weekend cuz im goin to the Atlanta Motor Speedway for the Nascar race ahh its so much fun down there im campin out all weekend n im gonna get to camp out n a tent for the 1st time. christy n her b/f jake r goin w/ us yay!! i can see her now in her ambercrombie clothes tryin to pee in a porta potty haha its gonna b so much fun this weekend hopefully mark martin will win so i can rub it in my sisters face cuz shes a gordan fan but he is gay and sucks lol but yea i think im gonna go get my stuff ready if u need me this weekend call the cell bye babes



x0x0 Libby: i pitty his new g/f but o well ... im thinkin bout flyin solo to the 8th grade dance
x0x0 crystal: me too. unles.. of course i do get asked out by someone.. shoot.. anyone, lol then Ill go with somebody
x0x0 Libby: well it depends on who ask me
x0x0 crystal: but if not. Im just going like w/e by myself.
x0x0 crystal: yeah .. same
x0x0 Libby: like if its somebody cool kinda cute nice then mayb ill say yes
x0x0 crystal: dude. no. remember. we're eachother's dates to the dance.. if we dont have one. remember?? hahahaha
x0x0 crystal: ha yeah.. same
x0x0 Libby: omg yes i forgot about that
x0x0 crystal: haha so did i until you said someting about being solo
x0x0 crystal: lol
x0x0 crystal: going**
x0x0 Libby: haha yesss so if we don't get dates then we go w/ each other but  if one of us gets a date then the other one can go and we can b like a pimpette w/ to dates
x0x0 Libby: two*
x0x0 crystal: LOL. yeah!
x0x0 crystal: that's awesome
x0x0 Libby: gah i can't wait till the 8th grade dance its gonna b hella fun
x0x0 crystal: oh snap. yaa
x0x0 Libby: see i think we should like go do something either b4 or after the dance like in our dresses
x0x0 crystal: TOTALLY. like after - I vote waffle house!
x0x0 Libby: waffle house omg yess
x0x0 crystal: you know how PIMMMMP we'd look goin into waffle house lookin all ghettoly hot after the dance?!?!
x0x0 crystal: lol
x0x0 Libby: omg yes ppl b like "omg can i have ur autograpgh" cuz they think we r famous cuz we will look so hot
x0x0 crystal: oh snap yes.
x0x0 crystal: that's be hilarious. knowing me, Id be like "HECK YES"
x0x0 crystal: haha
x0x0 Libby: i would like walk in and b like "okay plz ppl if u want my autograph plz make a line i will give hugs if ut hot"
x0x0 crystal: Id sign like some famous person's naem so they'd feel better. and let them think they actualy saw someone famous lol
x0x0 crystal: HAHA.
x0x0 crystal: yeah. "no cameras.. please.. and if you must.. pay me 5 $'s fool"
x0x0 crystal: haha
x0x0 Libby: heck yes i can b lindsay lohan cuz the red hair
x0x0 crystal: YESS. SCORE..NESS
x0x0 Libby: "tips for autogrpahs and pictures r wanted even though im like a milionair"
x0x0 Libby: *COUGH*
x0x0 crystal: Haha. "totally"
x0x0 crystal: HAHA.
x0x0 crystal: and then Id liek have a coughing fit. and start bustig out laughing. but we'd still totally get away with it
x0x0 crystal: haha
x0x0 Libby: we would get away w/ it cuz i mean ppl who go to waffle house dont normally see ppl like us all dressed up so hot
x0x0 Libby: they wouldn't kno the difference
x0x0 crystal: haha. totally
x0x0 Libby: or we should go bowlin cuz ashley said her sister went bowlin after homecoming in her dress 
x0x0 crystal: OH SNAP.
x0x0 crystal: that'd ALSO be hot
x0x0 crystal: haha
x0x0 Libby: heck yes when is this thing n-e ways
x0x0 crystal: i dunno, may?
x0x0 Libby: oh i wish it was sooner cuz i wana go its gonna b so fun
x0x0 crystal: me too
x0x0 crystal: i just need my flippin' DRESS.
x0x0 crystal: haha
x0x0 Libby: then lets find u one
x0x0 Libby: www.dillards.com
x0x0 crystal: kay.
x0x0 Libby: http://www.dillards.com/endeca/EndecaStartServlet?N=1000930
x0x0 Libby: thats the dresses
x0x0 crystal: kay. thanks haha
x0x0 Libby: i like that 1st one like the big pictures
x0x0 crystal: yeah. thats hott. haha i love saying that
x0x0 Libby: i kno me to its like such a hot word
x0x0 crystal: haha.
x0x0 crystal: oh yess.
x0x0 Libby: do u want a long dress
x0x0 crystal: idk..
x0x0 crystal: well probally, sense Im so white
x0x0 crystal: haha
x0x0 Libby: most ppl i kno r wearin long dresses
x0x0 crystal: kay
x0x0 Libby: my mom said she mite let me go to the tannin bed for the dance
x0x0 crystal: then I shall too bc Im awesome like that
x0x0 crystal: yay,.
x0x0 crystal: yay**
x0x0 Libby: yes we were talkin bout it after school one day and we were talkin bout how we needed to go n anzlee was like "TANNIN BED PARTY"
x0x0 crystal: hahaha.. awesomme
x0x0 Libby: heck yes
x0x0 Libby: wth where r like all the gowns
x0x0 crystal: idk.. hahaha
x0x0 Libby: gah freakin idiots
x0x0 crystal: i knwo right
x0x0 crystal: but like, I dont wanna find it now..
x0x0 crystal: Idk..
x0x0 crystal: I wanna talk about stupid random stuff some more lol
x0x0 Libby: me 2
x0x0 crystal: Kayyy.
x0x0 Libby: hmm whats something random
x0x0 crystal: hmm. idk lol
x0x0 Libby: how bout our wedding (( i just saw the word wedding so i thought it mite b something fun to talk about))
x0x0 crystal: haha. nah. Im good.. haha
x0x0 crystal: bc yeah
x0x0 crystal: Im a loser...
x0x0 crystal: but yes. corey + me = wedding + get maid = GOOOD
x0x0 crystal: haha
x0x0 Libby: me + ryan sheckler = wedding = cute lil skater kid = spoiled = no dishes for them
x0x0 crystal: hahaha.
x0x0 crystal: thats hottt.
x0x0 Libby: heck yes .. lets do more + n = things
x0x0 crystal: me + woods = good redneck wedding corey + money = me shopping all dayy..
x0x0 crystal: haha kay
x0x0 Libby: me + skate park = good skater wedding = ryan sheckler= money = 5th avenue= tifannys dior , louis vitton
x0x0 crystal: yess.
x0x0 crystal: me + mall = good. corey + money = GOOD. me + tiffanys = AWESOMME. maid = no dishes fo' me.
x0x0 crystal: :-D
x0x0 Libby: yess nice crystal my turn
x0x0 crystal: KAY :-D
x0x0 Libby: me + money = horse farm = even more money = shoppin, trips around the world
x0x0 crystal: yess.
x0x0 crystal: I'm .. running out of +'s and ='s
x0x0 crystal: hahaha
x0x0 Libby: haha me 2
x0x0 Libby: me + gum = good breathe for ryan sheckler
x0x0 Libby: haha
x0x0 crystal: LMAO.
x0x0 crystal: that's hott.
x0x0 Libby: yess i kno go me
x0x0 crystal: oh yaya.
x0x0 crystal: kay.
x0x0 crystal: let me see..
x0x0 crystal: im gona get another quote thingy from this convo.
x0x0 Libby: yess okay i used ur "i love u libby ur way awesome"
x0x0 crystal: I saw :-D
x0x0 Libby: yess its so hot
x0x0 crystal: Mhm's :-D
x0x0 Libby: :-D
x0x0 Libby: O:-)
x0x0 crystal: hold upp
x0x0 Libby: ;-)456789
x0x0 crystal: B-)
x0x0 crystal: aw man.
x0x0 crystal: 8-)**
x0x0 crystal: haha
x0x0 Libby: 

x0x0 Libby:

x0x0 Libby:

x0x0 Libby:

x0x0 crystal: oh snap
x0x0 crystal: woah..
x0x0 crystal: ___________________________________________--
x0x0 crystal: how'd you do that?
x0x0 Libby:  

x0x0 crystal:                          

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