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so today was fun school early relsea so we went to reading i read finished my book ahh so good n then went to hr watched a movie n then connections we went outside me n anzlee played football w/ the guys then lunch took random pictures w/ crystals camera went back to hr finished the movie then after school went to the commons ate pizza w/ my fellow bando's it was funny while we were eatin we were throwin pizza n ppl's drinks n then we went n got changed so many ppl not enough bathrooms lol n so then we went to the band room got our instruments n then got on the bus omg jordan took a ton of random pictures out the window n then me n sponkle were like beatin n stuff yea white girls can't beat lol n then we got to salem n when we could get off the bus we had like 10 mins b4 we had to warm up so we went around takin pictures of random ppl n then we were standin n the middle of the commons n i was like come on u guys we gotta focus on festival  ((cuz thats what wolfe told us to do)) so me jordan n sponkle decided to sit on the floor in the middle of the commons and meditate so funny like at 1st it was just us 3 n everybody was standin around watchin us n i was like "breathe in breathe out now repeat after me i will do all my cresendo's n daysresendo's i will not squeak my clarinet and i will do good"  n then like everbody else decided to join us n then when we were done we decided to pray don't ask why so i was like "dear god plz let us do good so wolfe doesn't yell at us" n when i said that wolfe walked by me so funny n then wolfe yelled at me for makin seal noises w/ my shoes lol n then we went n warmed up in the band room omg salem has a much nicer band room then us but yea then we went on stage n played OMG the stupid 7th graders i swear they do not no how to not squeak their stupid clarinets and they don't kno how to play softly they were so freakin loud n they suck i was gettin mad n when one of them squeaked it was funny me n jordan both at the same time turned n looked at them but yea i thought we did kinda bad but then when we were done we went to sight reading god i dread doin that we sucked half the ppl forgot the key change n wolfe stoped us in the middle of us playin cuz the stupid drums can't play freakin idiots so then we went back to the commons to wait for the results n then wolfe came out n told us to go outside n we were like oh god we got excelent n hes only tellin us to go outside so he can yell louder n so we got outside n he was like yall did good blah blah blah n then he was like and we got all 1's ((which if u don't kno n-e thing bout festival thats the best u can get)) so we were all happy cuz we thought we sucked but yea so then we went back in got our stuff n we had to take jamie n anzlee home we were gonna go celebrate but jamie had softball practice so we r gonna do it another day we had to go back to the school to get our stuff n then we droped them off n came home ate dinner downloaded pictures got shower n now im here yes fun day now i gtg bye babes



crystal falling lol i love that picture

hand on ambers butt lol

charlies angles yesss

shannon n her pickle lol

jamie n anzlee

ashley n sponkle

jamie jordan n the cow

the yellow ppl

all of us in the bathroom

yellow toilet

anzlee under jamies legs lol


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