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today was good i guess

1st half of the day was boring health we got to watch some of finding nemo yesss i love that movie um lunch we talked bout our problems mainly bout how lorena n arron should go out and all that good stuff lorena left the book at home so we couldn't write in it today um science we went to the lab um fun i guess after school i went outside hung out w/ jennifer n lin and then went to band boring half the ppl left for track try outs um after band me n jordan went to my locker to get my s.s. book then went back down to the commans to get a coke i saw shannon meagan shaun paul and i think thats it ... well thats all i that i knew then sister picked me up came home ate dinner did home work now im here bout to go get in the shower tomorrow is jamies b-day so im gonna go in early to decorate her locker fun stuff yea im gonna see if jordan wants to help me so yea thats all bye babes

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